November 1, 2016: The Day Lucy’s Life Changed

Did you know I was run over by a car?

It was a grey, winter afternoon the day after Halloween (my favorite holiday). I had just finished lunch with my parents after my father’s cancer treatment in Baltimore. Dad had left to bring the car while Mom and I ran to grab something at CVS. I will be forever grateful my mother ran into the store ahead of me and missed seeing me get hit by a mini SUV.

That was the day my life radically changed–and not just because I came close to becoming Baltimore roadkill. You see, I have always loved cannabis. And sure, I knew that CBD was good for pain and inflammation.

But between you and me? I had my doubts about using cannabis medicinally. Stress? Anxiety? Sure, but were people actually using cannabis instead of prescription pain medication?

Cue Texting Generation Z in Daddy’s Subaru Outback

You know that trick they teach you as a kid to safely cross the street? Look left, look right, and then look left again?

Well, in the middle of my “look left again” I realized a car had come out of nowhere and was now inches away from my leg. I smacked both of my hands on the hood of the car to yell out, “Hey, I’m walking here buddy!” It was all so quick. I didn’t even get to make a sound–let alone formulate a sentence–before the car barrelled into me.

Suddenly, I felt my feet moving towards the sky while my head moved in the opposite direction towards the car. I somehow twisted in the air and landed on my back, sliding towards the windshield as the car continued its forward momentum. I can still recall the warmth of the hood and the unmistakable sound of the engine as the driver hit the gas and continued turning into the intersection–my ragdoll body sliding this way and that.

I realized I was no longer on top of the car and that I was, in fact, flying through the air.

Only one thought kept running through my mind: This is not over

Suddenly the world was silent. All I could see was white light. I felt weightless.

Wait, was I flying? Or was I…dead?

I knew I had not stopped moving. I was aware I still had not landed. I had no idea if there was another car coming. I’ve always joked that I’m a natural born klutz, and my love-hate relationship with gravity literally saved me that day. I managed to go limp and cradle my head right before I struck the pavement. Thanks to one of the eyewitnesses, I can confirm that I had, in fact, flown over the car and through the air before smacking down on the pavement.

The Luck of the Klutz

Pro-tip: if you ever get run over by a car, keep your body loose. I was lucky. Very lucky. I walked away but with permanent nerve damage to my neck, lower back, and hip. The problem for most people with nerve pain is that pharmaceuticals don’t always help unless they completely knock you out.

The problem for me when it comes to Big Pharma is that not only do they usually not work without turning me into a zombie, I end up with an allergic reaction. Just a big, itchy, rashy zombie in pain. Instead of popping Benadryl with my Oxy this time, I opted for a 20:1 CBD dominant vape pen. To say I was impressed by how quickly and effectively the vape pen worked would be an understatement. I felt relief within seconds of exhaling. Sweet, blissful relief

More CBD, please!

I started shopping around for other CBD-dominant products. While the vape pen helped, the relief was short-lived and quite frankly, I couldn’t go around hitting a vape pen at work every 30-minutes. I thought about topicals but the ones I tried didn’t really help and left me smelling like a nursing home.

I decided to take matters into my own hands — literally — and made my own topical using the full-spectrum hemp from my lozenges. Just like that, my life got better. I realized the main problem with other topicals is they don’t use full-spectrum hemp. Instead, they use isolate CBD and rely on the other additives to do the work.

Here’s the thing, a little bit of THC is always better. I’m not saying other topicals that contain arnica or tumeric are bad or that you should stop using them. But for me? Simple is best.

Simple. Pure. Strong.

When it comes to Lucy’s Luck Lavender Salve, the only thing complicated is the name:

Simple Just pure, full-spectrum hemp extracted with CO2 and three ingredients (two if unscented): coconut oil, beeswax, lavender extract.

Pure I only use certified organic ingredients.

Strong Full-spectrum means you’re getting the full-strength of the plant.

A full-spectrum CBD topical means you will get fast, long-lasting relief. The tiny amount of THC (less than.3%) acts like a numbing agent on your skin while the CBD and its other cannabinoid friends penetrate deep into your muscles the reduce inflammation and pain. That means the topical starts working immediately to reduce the pain so you can get back to living your best life.

Silver Award
2022 Best Hemp Topical
National Cannabis Championship

Order Lucy’s Luck Lavender Salve

Choose your strength: 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Made with organic, steam-refined coconut oil, natural beeswax, certified organic full-spectrum CBD, and pure lavender oil. Available in unscented.


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