Lucy’s Review: Pot-Pourri

It’s happened again.

Someone just asked that question we hate to hear, “What’s that funky smell?” Any cannabis enthusiast can tell you the one big issue with using flower is the odor. It gives you away every time! While I used to rely on scented candles and sprays like Febreeze to mask the smell, I felt like my canna-scent announced my arrival even before I stepped into the room. The “solutions” out there were either too expensive or just didn’t work.

For some reason, anytime I used products with weird names like “Linen & Sky” my place would end up smelling more like “Linen & Skunk” — and that is not a good look for anyone. And don’t get me started on incense or perfume. One is definitely not practical (now there’s even more smoke!) and the other can be expensive. I love wearing perfume, but I never look forward to dousing myself in the stuff. It’s hard to cover up the smell with just one spritz.

Are the claims too good to be true?

When I first heard about Pot-Pourri, it was from an Instagram Influencer. You never know about those reviewers, but when your partner has two kids, you start figuring out real quick what works and what doesn’t. When the tiny bottle arrived in the mail, I was both curious and skeptical. But…

Amazon ($7.99)

I absolutely love this product!
It is 100% natural making it safe to spray in the air (cough cough, your car or house) and on fabric. It’s made with highly effective natural essential oils, like clove & lemon, and plant-based ingredients that break down the odor of smoke.

I mean, have you tried their parent product, Poo-Pourri?
IYKYK. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but let’s just say if you’re familiar with their product line, then you know what they’re capable of handling when it comes to “The Funk.”

And it’s only $7.99!
I am not exaggerating when I tell you I put this little bottle to the test before writing this blog. And you know I don’t endorse something unless I’m using it, or a friend or loved one is using the product.

I’ve tried it around my house, on my clothes, in my car, by myself. after a safety meeting with friends. IT WORKS Y’ALL. What I liked the most is that it didn’t feel like it was covering up the smell. It straight up neutralizes it.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottle.
A little goes a long way with this product. I cannot stress this enough…get yourself some. Use my Amazon link so you don’t end up with a fake product. 


  1. Cyndi on March 4, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    Would love to try this as I use blunt spray now and I have poopuri

    • LucyAdmin on March 5, 2023 at 1:33 pm

      Definitely check it out, Cyndi. What I loved the most about this product is that I spray it, walk away, and when I come back I don’t smell anything. No perfumey coverup or chemical odors. I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

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