Living in the Weeds: Episode 5

The Limitations of Cannabis

If you have ADHD, Cannabis might not be the answer for you.

Specifically, cannabis strains with a high concentration of THC. 

In this week’s episode of Living in the Weeds, we continue our conversation with Catieosaurus and talk about some of the limitations to using cannabis for ADHD, and the negative trends we are seeing with neurodivergent cannabis users. 

Have you felt your neurodivergent symptoms worsen with certain cannabis strains? Have you ever felt yourself crashing into a stress-nap after smoking? Ever wonder if the higher THC levels in your favorite strains are making things worse? 

Watch this episode and learn more about why that might be the case. Click below to see Part 2:

YES it’s a video, but listen to it like a podcast – it’s fine and stay tuned for more awesome guests we have in the queue

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Living in the Weeds is a video series that explores the lived experiences of neurodivergent people who consume cannabis.

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