Living in the Weeds: Episode 7

Creativity and Cannabis

A brand new Living in the Weeds drops today with some incredible insights from Jamila Hogan

It’s Part 2 of our conversation with Jamila Hogan and this time we focus on Creativity and Cannabis. 

Jessica, Jay and talk about:
* our favorite terpenes and how they affect people differently
* the effects of cannabis when you’re overstimulated 
*  preferred consumption methods

& so much more!

Jamila Hogan, publicly known as Jay Mills, is the first woman of color to manage a cultivation center on the east coast. She is the founder of The Green Life Learning Center, an international cannabis education company specializing in professional employee training standards for cannabis businesses. She is the author of the Cannabis Reference Manual, a three book series that covers the science of cannabis in the body, understanding archetypes, and cultivation basics. After managing Abatin Wellness cultivation center and then serving as general manager Herbal Alternatives, a DC dispensary she decided to focus on creating opportunities for educating the community and being a catalyst connecting new brands in the cannabis industry to better serve their needs.

YES it’s a video, but listen to it like a podcast – it’s fine and stay tuned for more awesome guests we have in the queue

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Living in the Weeds is a video series that explores the lived experiences of neurodivergent people who consume cannabis.

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