Living in the Weeds: Episode 3

Are you a Wake & Baker?

Then this episode of Living in the Weeds is perfect for you. Miyabe re-frames the conversation using the lens of typical pharmaceutical language and explores the medicinal value behind the “wake and bake” ritual.

Learn the science behind why your endocannabinoid system mimics your cortisol levels and why you find yourself medicating in the morning. Miyabe walks us through their typical medication routines. Maybe their routine will help you?

Remember how we talked about Miyabe’s Project Chronic? In Part 2, we talk about their first cannabis consumer survey. Do “roaches” get you higher than a regular pre-roll? What’s ABV? The ep is JAM PACKED with juicy details, golden nuggets, and killer insights- you don’t want to miss this one.

YES it’s a video, but listen to it like a podcast – it’s fine and stay tuned for more awesome guests we have in the queue

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Living in the Weeds is a video series that explores the lived experiences of neurodivergent people who consume cannabis.

Are you considering Medical Cannabis but not sure where to start?

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